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Born and raised in the Philippines, [Lenore RS] Lim came to the United States in 1975, where she spent eight months in Alabama, then moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She and her family have been in New York City since 1988. An accomplished and forward thinking printmaker, she finished her bachelor of fine arts at the UP College of Fine Arts in 1967. She also attended the School of Visual Arts in New York, taking courses in printmaking and computer art from 1990 to 1995.

Lim’s artistic technique is a vibrant mixture of printmaking and high technology. One of her highly evolved artistic concerns starts with photocopying or flatbed scanning the raw materials from her art. Focusing on a particularly evocative portion of the resulting printout, she then alters the contrast, for m, texture, and other aspects of the image on the photocopier or with computer design software. She creates a plate to print from which to print. In other pieces, she uses soft ground technique to create a plate, etching a combination of textures into it to create a composition. The plate is then inked, sometimes using stencils to create a flow of overlapping colors and forms. With these two bases for the print, she freely experiments with the interaction of the pigments with the plate, as well as the pressure of the printmaking press. While her inspirations are often from the past, her methods are distinctly cutting edge. By doing so, she has found a way to meld her traditional inclinations with high technology and the standard printing press. Lim has focused on printmaking since 1990, each year making great strides and exploring new techniques.

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