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Artist / Printmaker

Lenore RS Lim 

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March 22, 2024 - March 2, 2025; National Museum of Fine Arts

The National Museum of the Philippines will present an extraordinary exhibition showcasing the selected works of the esteemed artist, Lenore RS Lim.  Titled "Leaves, Lace, and Legacy," the exhibition will commence on March 22, 2024, and will be open to the public for an entire year, concluding on March 2, 2025.


Lenore RS Lim's artistic repertoire masterfully intertwines tradition, innovation, and advocacy, resulting in a profound exploration of the intricate world of printmaking.  Drawing inspiration from her rich Philippine heritage and influenced by her experiences in Canada and New York, Lenore's artworks prominently feature recurring motifs, such as the eloquent depiction of leaves, evocative handmade lace, and ethereal wedding veils. This visual narrative not only highlights her unwavering commitment to nature conservation but also pays homage to the profound maternal traditions deeply rooted in Philippine culture.


In addition to the thematic richness of her creations, Lenore's body of work engages in meaningful discourse on womanhood and human rights, exemplified in her distinguished series that addresses the poignant history of comfort women during World War II. As a trailblazer in the field of printmaking in the Philippines, Lenore skillfully merges traditional techniques with contemporary technologies, notably employing computer-aided design serigraphy. Her meticulous process involves digitally manipulating raw materials, seamlessly blending aspects of printmaking with photo processing, and incorporating thin papers into printed images to enhance their color and tonal definitions.


Beyond her artistic endeavors, Lenore's profound impact extends to her role as an art educator, leaving an indelible mark on students and institutions alike. Her unwavering dedication to sharing knowledge underscores her commitment to fostering artistic exploration and understanding.

Leaves, Lace, and Legacy: The Art of Lenore RS Lim 

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